Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Storm and Firework Anxiety Safety Tips

As Fourth of July and the monsoon season nears, the veterinary community gears up for the many lost and found pet posters. We see ten times as many lost pets after the holiday and it breaks our hearts. It is very important prior to the holiday to have your pets microchipped, tags and collars on, and the information associated to their microchip and tags up to date. In addition, please keep your pets indoors during the nights leading up to the holiday. Many Fireworks will begin the week prior. The loud noises can cause a lot of distress to our pets. Pets that normally would not run might due to anxiety and fear. Besides keeping your pets indoors and in a safe contained area there are also medications available to help your pet through the stress, anxiety and fear.      
Firework safety tips are available here:
A great article about treating anxieties and phobias:
If you want more information on medical aids that can make this season less traumatic for your four-legged family, please call 602-971-2720 for more details. 
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